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Do you think these updates would be cool?
 66%  [ 2 ]
NO WAY! This is TOO OP
 0%  [ 0 ]
Yes, but your ideas are too under powered
 33%  [ 1 ]
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re: Capes Of Accomplishments Update


After a long hard trail of grinding skills for weeks and weeks on end, we are rewarded with a cape with virtually useless benefits. So.. I'm proposing a MAJOR update to skill capes.. they will be as follows:

attack +7 slash,stab,crush attack bonus.
Strength +5 strength bonus
Defence +7 slash, stab,crush defence bonus.
Range +9 range attack&defence bonus
Prayer  +5 Prayer Bonus
Magic +9 magic attack&defence bonus
runecrafting puches do not degrade whilst wearing

whilst wearing, people can now enter your house even if no one is home. *must be online


permenant 2 level boost whilst wearing.

agility 5% increase to run speed, -5kg weight.
Herblore =chance to create 4 dose instead of 3.
Thieving same effect as gloves of silence.

faster jewellery crafting time

+ cheaper tanning.


faster stringing process 

automatically add feathers when smithing bolts (if you have feathers in inventory)


+5% damage increase to slayer task.

+Free task skips.


ability to barehand catch kebbits and chinchompas


+5% speed increase when mining rocks 

+repair own pickaxes.


100% success rate smelting iron 

+faster cannonballs


barehand catch any fish,


same effect as cooking gauntlets (or 0% burn rate for everything)


light fires with hands (no tinderbox / bow)


+5% speed increase when cutting logs 

+repair own axes


compost bins always generate super compost.

Quest Cape

selected bushes become searchable:

*search bush*
"your adventurous skills reveal a hidden entrance"
-> new, small resource garden, although having abundances of resource, is a fair walk from a bank/teleport location. Only accessable when quest cape is wielded.


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